Chair Exercise

Increase cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and joint flexibility 

with the support of a chair. This class combines aerobics, strength training, and yoga to give you a full body workout. This is a great class for desk workers, active adults, and those recovering form injury or surgery. Exercises are modified for all fitness levels. 

Strength & Conditioning

Increase your strength and endurance with a combination of body weight and resistance exercises. Taught by a Physical Therapist/Strength and Conditioning Specialist, work all major muscle groups and improve your core stability and balance with dynamic functional exercises. Exercises are modified for all fitness levels.

Indian Dance 

Learn Indian Bollywood and folk dance along with classical and contemporary movements. Develop dance technique, expression and grace while exploring Indian culture. No prior dance experience needed!

Strength Training 

Improve total body tone, agility, and strength with light-medium dumbbells and body weight. Taught by a Certified Personal Trainer, this fun and challenging workout incorporates core and cardio. Exercises are modified for all fitness levels.

Mindfulness & Movement

Build body-mind-emotional awareness through breathing exercises and poses to ease stress and anxiety. Taught by a Certified Trauma Expert and Yoga Instructor, this class will help you slow down and tune inward. Exercises are modified for all fitness levels.

Worship Dance

Experience the nearness of God through dance. Learn different genres such as ballet and lyrical, with a hint of Caribbean rhythmic movements, while increasing your dance vocabulary. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned worship dancer, this class is for you.

Working From Home with Kids

Gather the family and get your heart rate up in your living room! 

This fun workout incorporates games and challenges where the winner gets prizes — like choosing what's for dinner — this is a great way to stay active together as a family.

Soak & Stretch 

Relax the mind and rejuvenate the body with faith-based affirmations and mind-body exercise. This class fuses yoga, pilates, and strength training to promote total well-being. Props are used to accommodate various flexibility and range of motion levels. Exercises are modified for all fitness levels.


*All participants must sign a health waiver to participate in group classes.

*Yoga classes focus on the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of Yoga. While Yoga originates from a rich Eastern culture, our classes do not include Eastern spirituality.


Staying fit during a Pandemic isn't easy. Jelyse's virtual classes motivate me to stay active!

Entrepreneur, New Jersey

Jelyse taught me how to manage my stress and anxiety in a healthy way.

College Student, North Carolina

My hips are usually sore. After Jelyse's classes, they feel so much better!

Retiree, Georiga 


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