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Hazel Grainger,

Licensed Worship Dance Minister

Hazel Grainger was born in Barbados, West Indies in 1959. As a child, she longed to be able to move with the grace of a ballerina as she observed those more privileged in ballet class, while remaining on the outside. In the culture of the Caribbean, dance is as natural as walking. However, it was seen as ungodly in the church. 

Her family has been blessed to live in Barbados, Canada, Hong Kong and the United States of America. Today, she is a Licensed Worship Dance Minister and has ministered in Barbados, Israel, Ecuador, and South Africa. Hazel became a founding member of Wings of Praise, the dance ministry of Cary Church of God. In 2013, Hazel graduated from The Eagles Network (TEN) year one. In 2014, she graduated from TEN Year 2 and Eagles International Training Institute (EITI) Dance Year 1, as a Licensed Worship Dance Minister. Most recently, Hazel graduated from EITI Torah, Year1. From 2015 to early 2020 it has been a blessing and a growth experience for Hazel to serve as a teacher of Word and Lyrical Technique with The Eagles Network. Favorite verse: Hebrews 5:12a, 14, 6:1a NIV.