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Yoga for Work Stress

Mom, We've been talking about negotiating your worth and sharing your super powers in job interviews. But lets face it, looking for a job ain't easy! And sometimes, its downright stressful! Stress shows up when we feel like we're not in control. Depression, anxiety, and sleep apnea are mental responses to stress. While high blood pressure, headaches, and pain are physical responses to stress. Want some good news? God gave us breath and a body to live, move, and have being.

Jelyse, I’ve watched you for the past couple of weeks. I know you have to transition within your company soon. That must be stressful, however your

coping skills seem to be paying off. I’ve watched you do two things. First, you are exercising with deep stretches and breathing. Second, you're employing some of the strategies in the interview process by getting all the facts and having confidence in sharing your skills and value. Best wishes girlfriend!

Mom, Restorative Yoga stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) to decrease blood pressure, increase intestinal activity, and return the body to a restful state. It takes 20 minutes to engage the PNS so let's get started!

1. Supported Child's Pose

Props Needed: 2 Pillows, 2 Towels

Benefits: Soothes the brain, relieves neck/back pain, stretches hips/thighs/ankles

Stay here for 5 minutes

2. Legs Up The Wall

Props Needed: Wall space

Benefits: Reverses blood flow, drains lymphatic system, counters impact of sitting at desk

Stay here for 5 minutes

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